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Sunday, October 21, 2007

The "Mainstream" Media's Biggest Secret
- Christian Atrocities Occuring Every Day

Christian persecution in country after country is measured in body counts, kidnapping, enslavement, rape, mutilation and torture.

The Underreported Persecution Of Christians

Why are the Christian atrocities not reported in the "mainstream" news. The author proposed several reasons:

1. Stories are hard to verify and often have to be reported without full names, etc., due to risks to family members who remain behind or to surviving victims themselves. Also, some organizations' "prayer letters" exaggerate or print gruesome rumors, urban legends, etc., for fundraising purposes. Editors are skittish if they don't see solid sources. (There are, however, good organizations like Compass Direct and others that are trustworthy.)

2. Dhimmitude (fear) within the Christian communities - blame the violence on land disputes, blame it on tribalism, blame it on family feuds, blame it political or judicial corruption. Just don't blame Islam!

3. Reports of persecution support the Bush message that there are indeed violent jihadis at work in the world. That flies in the face of liberalism's party line: Maybe there are isolated incidents, but they are just random criminal activities - there is no global jihad. It's a Cheney-Halliburton fabrication intended to defend the Iraq war, form a fascist police state, etc. Which brings us back to Hanson's point about global moral insanity.

4. Christians in Muslim lands are assumed (by Western elites) to be colonial byproducts, CIA agents or Zionist collaborators. Whenever bad things happen to them, they have it coming. Their ancient, pre-Islamic history is entirely overlooked or ignored.

5. If Christians kept their beliefs private and stopped drawing attention to themselves and, worse, proselytizing, they'd be fine. It's their own fault for singing too loudly in their house churches, sharing their faith with their neighbors, wearing cross tattoos or pendants and (for women) not covering their heads.

6. Persecution is overlooked for the same reason the Rwanda massacre in the 1990s appeared in newspapers' pages 18 or 20 or 30 for weeks on end while O.J. and his murder victims filled up the front pages day in and day out. Foreign murders and atrocities are not "sexy" and don't sell papers or attract viewers.

Today 200 millions Christians face persecution

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