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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Utah School District Denies Equal Access to Christian After-School Program

Konnie Pacheco and Paula Radcliffe were ready to start the Good News Club after-school program at the Helen M. Knight Intermediate School, where they teach. Initially the school district approved the after-school program but, since all teachers are contractually paid for the first fifteen minutes of the club meeting, officials denied the teachers equal access to any participation in the Good News Club. Thirty two clubs presently operate at the school.

Grand County School District school-board President Kaaron Jorgen has stated "We cannot, under any circumstances, allow teachers to teach religion in the schools when public funds are involved," but has refused offers from the teachers to forfeit fifteen minutes of pay or to start the club fifteen minutes later.

The teachers are consulting with Geoffrey Surtees of the American Center for Law and Justice.

Grand County: Two teachers want to lead an after-school Christian group; district says no

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