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Sunday, February 05, 2006

MIT Professor - Embryonic Stem-Cell Research is "Pure Scientific Folly"

Dr. James Sherley, a Massachusetts Institute of Technology associate professor of biological engineering has stated in an interview with that embryonic stem-cell research is "scientifically and ethically dubious" and that many scientists, holding the same opinion, remain silent out of fear of criticism and reprisal.

"It is pure scientific folly to place such emphasis on embryonic stem cells research to the exclusion of support for adult stem cell research. No matter what the hurdles are for success with adult stem cell-based therapy development, embryonic stem cell research faces the same hurdles and more."

"Given that embryos are human beings, they have a right to self and a right to life. Exploiting their parts (ie, cells) or killing them for research is moral trespass that society should not allow."

Embryonic Stem Cell Therapies to Cure Disease is 'Pure Folly', Says MIT Prof - Reveals Some Scientists Don't Oppose Embryonic Research Out of Fear of Reprisals

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