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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Church Vandalized for Hosting Ex-Gay Conference

The First Evangelical Free Church of St. Louis Mo. is scheduled to host the Love Won Out conference on February 25th, 2006. The conference presents "the truth that homosexuality is preventable and treatable - a message routinely silenced today." Within hours of the annoucement, the location was vandalized.

Opposition to the conference is a common response. Many within the homosexual movement attempt to suppress the message from Love Won Out and other ex-gay organizations. Even, an organization that claims it is " a principal online destination for people interested in dismantling bigotry" reports that the ex-gay movement is sad, sick and shameful.

The church issued a statement, "This only underscores the need for Love Won Out more than ever and, sadly, suggests that those who talk the loudest about tolerance seem the least able to exhibit it. We are honored to stand for righteousness in the face of ridicule - a small taste of the ridicule our Lord suffered."

Love One Out reports the feedback of one attendee, "One thing I especially appreciated was hearing from former homosexuals. Anyone can give facts and figures, but honestly, if I want to learn how to build a house, I go see a carpenter."

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