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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Objections to College using Christian Radio Station for Emergency Announcements

Daytona Beach Community College (DBCC) had difficulty disseminating announcements until they retain Cornerstone Broadcasting (FM 89.7 and AM 1450) to broadcast their school emergencies.

Reggie Williams, an attorney for People for the American Way registered a complaint that students and faculty will become the "captive audience of evangelical preaching."

DBCC executive vice president Rand Spiwak indicated the arrangements is not a "church and state" issues - students can tune-in and tune-out at the scheduled times to hear the school announcements. Spiwak also noted that "Cornerstone is not any more offensive than listening to an Orlando talk-radio station where every other word is a curse word."

DBCC's choice for news broadcast raises eyebrows

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