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Sunday, July 03, 2005

Defendant Appeals Judgment on Grounds that Jurors Prayed

When legal counsel for Robert Williams (on trial for murder, rape and robbery) heard that the jury had "prayed," they motioned for "postconviction relief" on the grounds that the "content and effect" of the prayer violated the First Amendment religious "Establishment Clause", the defendants right to "free exercise" of religion, the Eights Amendment right to a reliable verdict and other violations.

The jury in fact did prayer - "Give us guidance in the decision we're about to make, and after that decision has been made, give us peace in our hearts with the decision that was made."

Fortunately the Ohio court rejected the claims that the "prayer" effected the jury's death penalty decision.

Prayer By Jury Does Not Taint Death Penalty Recommendation

State v. Williams, 2005-Ohio-3366 - Decision and Judgment Entry

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