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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Canadian Cardinal Paints Bleak
Anti-Christian Picture if
Homosexual Marriage Bill is Passed

The Archbishop of Quebec and Primate of Canada, Cardinal Marc Ouellet, gave a presentation to the committee of Canadian Senate on the impact of passing the national homosexual 'marriage' bill. Cardial Ouellet indicated:

  • Canadian authorities have already forced Christian marriage commissioners out of their jobs because they refuse to perform homosexual 'marriages' out of conscience.
  • If Bill C-38 is passed, the Christians population will be considered bigots, anti-gay and homophobes because of their devotion to biblical principles.
  • Protecting the definition of marriage acknowledges that heterosexual parents render an essential social service to the State - "The principal right of children is to be born of an act of love and to live in complete communion with a father and mother."
  • Currently, Providences that recognize same-sex marriage have reported lawsuits against those who disagree, out of conscience, with homosexual marriage.

Cardial Ouellet presented the disturbing questions, "Must we now resign ourselves to being victims of discrimination for believing in the historical definition of marriage and wishing to teach, educate and preach according to our faith and conscience? Must a majority of parents accept it as inevitable, that schools and the media will transmit a vision of marriage contrary to their own?"

Catholic Cardinal Warns Senate of Impending Anti-Christian Prosecution With Gay 'Marriage'

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