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Thursday, June 23, 2005

The Southern Poverty Law Center Labels Christians as "Hate Groups"

The Southern Poverty Law Center has release an issue of its "Intelligence Report," which casts Christians Leaders and Christian organizations in the list of known "hate groups." This is a recurring pattern of labeling Christians as "bigots" and "haters."

Traditional Values Coalition (TVC) Exposes Phony "Rev. Sheldon" Quote On Leftist Web Site

Christian 'Hate Groups' Accused of 'Anti-Gay Crusade'

Cloud Ten released a film in 2001 called Judgment, which takes place in the post-rapture period (similar to "Left Behind") when the anti-Christ comes to power. In the film, Christians are labeled the "haters" of the human race because they remain faithful to God's Word. Members of society report Christians to the authorities to be arrested. The main character, Helen Hannah, is a TV anchor who discovers the truth about Jesus. The revered leader of the time is Lucifer.

Southern Poverty Law Center - Intelligence Report - Holy War

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