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Friday, June 17, 2005

Famous Psychic Surgeon Caught With Chicken Parts

In the 1980s Shirley McClain introduced the public to something called "Psychic Surgery" or forth dimensional surgery. A Psychic Surgeon uses his hands to conduct paranormal surgery, reaching into a persons body and removing tumors or "negativities" without the aid of medical instruments. In her book, "Going Within" McClain introduced the Psychic Surgeon Alex Orbito and how he described the experience of Psychic Surgery - "I never feel anything physical. The body is only 'thought.' It is only what we imagine it to be. It has not density when the current of Divine is running through it"

On Wednesday, June 15 2005, Toronto police arrested Alex Orbito and charged him with fraud after he collected over $80,000 during three days of "surgery." According to Detective Doug Dunstan, the tissue Orbito removed from the patients' bodies was chicken parts - chicken livers and other part.

'Psychic surgeon' a heel, not a healer, police say

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