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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Evolution vs. Intelligent Design
Science vs. Science

Evolutionary science explains the existence of the whale something like this:

All early evolutionary creatures came from the water to land. Some land creatures decided to go back into the water. One such land creature, a cross between a wolf and a cow, went back. This wolf/cow remained in the water for enough generations to evolve into a new creature. The hind legs and hoofs grew into a big tail. The front legs and hoofs grew into flippers. Their nostrils moved to the top of their head. They lost all their hair. And all their bones became much lighter so they could float.

Perhaps it takes great faith to accept this evolutionary tale as "science."

Kansas officials are presently assess the school science curriculum and whether "Intelligent Design" should be included in the curriculum. Intelligent Design teaches that elements of the natural world are too complex to have arrive by random chance.

According to the curriculum director Shaun Harrington, Intelligent Design "is based on supernatural, religious, mystic beliefs."

Those opposed to the science of Intelligent Design, cast it as a "church and state" issue. For example, Senator Ken Toole, has proposed a bill to eliminate Intelligent Design on the grounds of separation of church and state.

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