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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

United Nations Defends China's
Torturing of Christians

Bob Fu, president of China Aid Association, presented details of the religious abuses committed by Chinese officials against members of the underground house churches in China, including the use of electric-shock batons used to torture Christians. The Chinese ambassador objected to the presentation. The U.N. Commission on Human Rights ordered Fu to leave the complex and had the baton and his badge confiscated. "I was supposed to talk about and expose the human rights violations in countries like China, and [the assembly] unfortunately became a bully pulpit for the human rights violators themselves" said Fu.

U.N. Ejects Minister After His Address on China's Religious Persecution

China Aid Association - Advocacy for Persecuted Christians in China

According to the World Evangelical Alliance Religious Liberty Geneva Report 2005 on China:

  • The Chinese Communist Party restricts religious practice to government-sanctioned organizations but many organizations are denied authorization
  • Authorities continue to raid and destroy houses of worship
  • Daily torture of religious minorities in Chinese prisons and detention centres is common
  • Religious prisoners regularly endure horrific psychological torture
  • WEA Releases 'Geneva Report 2005' on Religious Persecution - More than 200 million Christians are being denied human rights

    Full Report: World Evangelical Alliance Religious Liberty Geneva Report 2005

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